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Replacement 12-Volt air and 24-Volt air, or mechanical suspensions for Heavy Construction, Backhoe, Forklift, Material Handling, Skid Steer and Industrial Equipment to update a worn out suspension.

Choose from a durable Grammer, KAB, Pilot, Sears or Seats Inc suspension for your construction equipment to enjoy a smoother ride.

Having trouble finding the suspension you need? Use our Make, Machine, Model search bar above to see if we have the exact match for your equipment.
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KM MSG85 Mechanical Suspension
SKU: 8077
Only $388.00
KM Heavy-Duty Mechanical Suspension
SKU: 6111
Only $448.00
KM MSG95 Air Suspension
SKU: 8078
Only $630.00
KM Sears Semi-Active Air Suspension
SKU: 8230
Only $2,399.00
KM MSG83 Mechanical Suspension
SKU: 8079
Only $388.00
KM MSG93 Air Suspension
SKU: 8080
Only $630.00
KM Grammer 24-Volt Air Suspension
SKU: 8076
Only $923.00
KM Compact Air Suspension
SKU: 6085
Only $439.00
KM Deluxe Air Suspension
SKU: 6084
Only $666.00
KM Ultra Low Mechanical Suspension
SKU: 6081
Only $219.00
KM MSG283 Mechanical Suspension
SKU: 8438
Only $132.00
KM Sears Passive Air Suspension
SKU: 8690
Only $1,399.00