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Jaltest by Cojali

Jaltest by Cojali is more than a diagnostics tool! With it you can troubleshoot by error codes or symptoms, see system technical data, view diagrams, technical vehicle or vehicle maintenance data, view releases or procedures, and run through manual diagnosis. Even better, the software includes easy, intuitive and visual navigation. With Expert Mode, you can carry out actions that require the modification of parameters in different ECUs such as sensor and actuator calibration, configuration of operating parameters or DPF replacement and regeneration, among others. Jaltest offers complete coverage, including new brands, models, and systems three times a year, which guarantees a constant update of its capabilities.

Jaltest by Cojali stands as benchmark in the commercial vehicle and off-highway construction machinery repair sector due to its great advantages and possibilities when it comes to carrying out diagnostics and maintenance services in an efficient way in trucks, trailers, light commercial vehicles, excavators, road maintenance equipment, and much more.
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