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Concentric Accessories

Concentric Accessory options offer you a solution to your Forklift, Industrial, Material Handling and Skid Steer Equipment seat safety needs. These durable armrests, slide rails and seat belt are built to stand up to rugged use and to ensure a correct fit for your applications.

Concentric Accessories are Smart Replacement Seat Safety Options.
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KM Universal Adjustable Slide Rails
SKU: 8452
Only $74.00
KM 146 Adjustable Armrest Kit
SKU: 8695
Only $86.00
KM 160 Armrest Kit
SKU: 8258
Only $79.00
KM 176 Armrest Kit
SKU: 8032
Only $82.00
KM Economy 231 Armrest Kit
SKU: 8100
Only $132.00
KM 440/441 Adjustable Slide Rail Kit
SKU: 8453
Only $64.00
KM 146 Backrest Extensions
SKU: 8698, 8696, 8697
From $43.00
KM 146 Seat Belt Cover Kit
SKU: 8752
Only $48.00